Environment & Waste Management:  The issue of Environmental Management is a global concern. Countries all over the World are making all efforts to ensure the menace of poor environmental and waste management is controlled. In developing nations like Nigeria, the risks emanating from it is very high. It is key to mention that where the right control measures are applied, the resultant effect is reflected of environmental indexes towering green. At Hanfirqul, we partner with Governments at various levels to proffer solutions to various Environmental and Waste Management challenges. Our services usually begin with an Environmental Assessment, a formal process used to predict how a development project will affect water, air, land, People and the economy. The assessment usually involves a sequence of steps: Screening to decide if a project requires assessment and to what level of detail; Preliminary assessment to identify key impacts, their magnitude, significance, and importance; Scoping to ensure the Assessment focuses on key issues and to determine where more detailed information is needed; Determination of the amount of change management that will be required  List of processes, equipments, tools and technology that will be required. In most cases, the mains areas we have observed and developed competencies are: Properties and Residency enumeration of all areas in the geographical location been covered. Sometimes we apply the use of GIS technology in this are but mostly enumeration is done location to location using GPS. One major flaw in solving environmental and waste challenges in developing countries is the lack of data. We assist our clients in the generation of composite database that is eventually used to: o Determine the statistics of the location in numbers o Guide in knowing the number of resources required o Estimate all financials The types of roads and wastes usually types of waste trucks best adapted. We supply, manage, train drivers and maintain different types of Waste Trucks. We have partners both in Europe and Asia. The issue of waste conversion has become very important; we have competencies in the areas of waste-to-energy conversion. We also support recycling and wasteto-manure conversion for Agricultural purposes


ABATTOIR & LIVESTOCK: The high rate of livestock consumption in many countries has led the issues of high volume of waste, characterised by inadequate disposal technologies, high cost of management and adverse impact of wastes on the environment. The use of Slaughter Slabs and Houses are predominantly used in sub Saharan African. This method of handling cattle brings along several environmental and health risks. The use of modern Abattoirs in developed countries is designed primarily to reduce or eradicate these risks. Modern Abattoirs uses several mechanised tools and processes in order to reduce the amount of human contact in handling. It also uses best practices procedures in terms of hygiene which is usually lacking in Slaughter houses. The use of traditional Slaughtering processes is a major source of water and air pollution worldwide. Waste generated by abattoirs includes condemned organs, Carcases, Blood, Hides, Horns, Hoofs, Hair, Paunch content and Carcass trimmings. All these, are dangerous to public health. They are environmentally unappealing and thus, making the production of meat in such environment unsuitable for human consumption. The use of septic tanks and deboning equipments in the mechanized Abattoir will ensure zero waste. Condemned organs, Carcases, Blood, Hides, Horns, Hoofs, Hair, Paunch content and Carcass trimmings which usually leads to environmental hazards will now be converted to different Agricultural and Energy inputs. The process of conversion of these waste materials all comes as part of the modern Abattoir structure. The involvement of Hanfirqul in this sector is mainly for the purpose of sanitisation, change management and modernisation. Due to the volume of consumption and human resources usually connected to all the processes, we embrace partnership with Government and other stakeholders in going into this sector. The organisation has all that is required to change this sector in terms of Livestock handling and operating modern Abattoirs. We have a team that contains Architects, Builders, Veterinary Experts, Machine Operators, Waste Experts, etc. We also have foreign partners with long time experience in different machines required for operating mechanised Abattoirs. Our structure also takes into cognisance the importance of post-motem and ante-motem inspections. We encourage the establishment of Cattle Markets close to the Abattoirs. The inspection that starts from the farm continues in the Cattle Markets where tests are carried out regularly. This later extends to the Lairage and later the Carcass. We strongly believe that our involvement in this key sector of the economy will greatly impact the sector and bring about the desired improvement.


Leisure & Entertainment: ‘Industry foresight must be informed by deep insights into trends in lifestyles, technology, demographics, and geopolitics, but foresight rests as much on imagination as prediction. ……Hamel and Prahalad All over the world, recreation and relaxation cuts across all cultures. All societies across the globe naturally tend to create their own unique ways of relaxation. Most of these natural tendencies are usually hampered by urbanisation and modern work culture which usually leaves people with little or no time for relaxation. Considering the social, economic and health implications of relaxation and recreation, corporate firms and government agencies are creating rooms for this sector. In partnership with various suppliers, Hanfirqul is into the development and management of: Theme Parks Family Entertainment Centres Attraction Parks Recreation and Leisure Centres Recreation and Sport Centres Recreation and Nature Centres Our development unit usually conducts design workshops and assessment in advising what is best for each Leisure Plan. Leisure and Recreation centre has the power to influence cultures. The process of combing and accepting different cultures which leads to changes of every day cultures usually comes from society needs. When it comes to family parks, we usually encourage the use educational and carton-graphic images in deciding the list of equipments. We also use Imagineering which involves the use of specific set of instruments applied in the world of theme parks to respond to the emotion demand. It’s ‘engineering for imagination’ and is the art of management to combine soul and professionalism into ‘inspiring’ business operations. ‘Attractions are the raison d’être for tourism; they generate the visit, give rise to excursion circuits and create an industry of their own’. ………..Boniface and Cooper

Waste management Services

HANFIRQUL Nigeria limited is a company passionately projected towards maintaining balance between its immediate environment, cleanliness in the environment and health of people that constitute the society. In this light, the company has a special interest in waste management resulting in the collection and proper disposal of waste materials as well as provision of remediation services to treat the soil in the area of agricultural science which has led to the company partnering with the government of the state of Osun to launch a program (O’ CLEAN PLUS-link) aimed at total eradication of improper disposal of waste materials in the state in accordance with the ZERO TOLERANCE FOR WASTES in the state of Osun. Further arrangements are in the pipeline at venturing into recycling operations of re-usable waste materials in respect to the expansion of the company with time as the case may be

Environmental consultancy

We work on commercial and government contracts to address a variety of environmental issues for our clients. We cover a wide range of disciplines such as assessment of land and water contamination, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, waste management and the development of environmental policy and environmental management systems.

Importation of automobiles

The company has excelled in the area of legitimate importation of automobiles of all sorts ranging from private motor cars, motor cycles, tricycles and other forms of automobiles that operate on roads into the country especially in the aspect of waste management- waste hook-loader truck importation recently delivered for the state of Osun. This has led to the birth of the transportation department arm of the company

Transport Services

The company, with its passion for the safety of life, comfortability of people while travelling and transportation of goods has a transport department headed and supervised by top professionals with years of experience in management of  transport services as well as highly skilled and well cultured drivers with the consciousness of human life. A subsidiary of the company, AJEJE DE-LIGHT GLOBAL VENTURES manages these transport services namely AJEJE DE-LIGHT TRANSPORTS (link)

General Contracts

With the joint skills and expertise of the employees of HANFIRQUL Nigeria Limited, the company also ventures into the business of submitting proposal for general contracts of all sorts, sub-contracting, construction project contracts, imports and sales of high standard agricultural machines and tools, good quality fertilizer, agro-allied products and services. A recent development is the partnership agreement signed between the company and the government of the State of Osun to register automobiles in the state in a scheme called OSUN TRANSPORT ADMINISTRATION SCHEME (O-TRANS).