Environment & Waste Management The issue of Environmental Management is a global concern. Countries all over the World are making all efforts to ensure the menace of poor environmental and waste management is controlled. In developing nations like Nigeria, the risks emanating from it is very high. It is key to mention that where the right control measures are applied, the resultant effect is reflected of environmental indexes towering green. At Hanfirqul, we partner with Governments at various levels to proffer solutions to various Environmental and Waste Management challenges. Our services usually begin with an Environmental Assessment, a formal process used to predict how a development project will affect water, air, land, People and the economy. The assessment usually involves a sequence of steps: Screening to decide if a project requires assessment and to what level of detail; Preliminary assessment to identify key impacts, their magnitude, significance, and importance; Scoping to ensure the Assessment focuses on key issues and to determine where more detailed information is needed; Determination of the amount of change management that will be required  List of processes, equipments, tools and technology that will be required. In most cases, the mains areas we have observed and developed competencies are: Properties and Residency enumeration of all areas in the geographical location been covered. Sometimes we apply the use of GIS technology in this are but mostly enumeration is done location to location using GPS. One major flaw in solving environmental and waste challenges in developing countries is the lack of data. We assist our clients in the generation of composite database that is eventually used to: o Determine the statistics of the location in numbers o Guide in knowing the number of resources required o Estimate all financials The types of roads and wastes usually types of waste trucks best adapted. We supply, manage, train drivers and maintain different types of Waste Trucks. We have partners both in Europe and Asia. The issue of waste conversion has become very important; we have competencies in the areas of waste-to-energy conversion. We also support recycling and wasteto-manure conversion for Agricultural purposes.